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Jul 2012
How to protect against vehicle break-ins

From Sunday, July 8 through Saturday, July 14, at least 33 vehicles in Northeast L.A. were broken into, according to a news statement issued by the LAPD Northeast Community Police Station on Monday.

Exactly a third (11) of the break-ins occurred during daytime, and two-thirds (22) between the hours of 6 p.m. and 6 a.m., the communiqué, from the Northeast Station's Senior Lead Office said.

Based on statistics provided by, a repository of nationwide crime data to which the LAPD is a contributor, four vehicles were burglarized in Eagle Rock.

Three of the burglaries occurred on Eagle Rock Boulevard and one at or near Eagle Rock Plaza.

The LAPD offers the following 10 tips to safeguard your vehicle from being targeted by auto thieves:

1. Never leave valuables in plain view in your vehicle. Thieves know that you hide your property under towels, sweaters and packages. Secure items in your trunk prior to arriving at locations. This includes recreational areas such as public parks and shopping centers.

2. Use some type of anti-theft device such as an alarm system or steering lock. If you are interested in buying a Club steering wheel locking device through the LAPD's "11 for 11 program" ($12 if you take the 12 seconds to put it on) contact the LAPD's Community Relations Office at (323) 344-5717.

3. Park in well-lighted or high-traffic areas.

4. Permanently mark property inside your vehicle with identification. The LAPD suggests using your driver license number or ID card number. In addition, owners of SUVs should note a recent trend in auto burglaries wherein unlocked third-row seats are stolen and sold on the used-goods market. According to Lewis Lenchuk, a detective in the Northeast Division's auto theft unit, car dealerships don't manufacture these third-row seats any more-"you have to purchase them on the used market" for anywhere from $300 to $500. Lenchuk suggests getting your SUV's VIN number engraved on the third-row seat-a service that the Northeast Police Station provides.

5. Keep serial numbers of electronic equipment, such as computers, IPODS, GPS, and cellular telephones.

6. Never leave your car running and unattended.

7. Keep you vehicle doors locked and windows rolled up.

8. Don't leave personal identification documents in your vehicle. These include Vehicle Ownership Title, credit cards etc. Keep copies of license plate and vehicle identification number with you.

9. If you car is stolen or burglarized, immediately report it to the police.

10. Report suspicious activity or people loitering in your neighborhood.



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