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Mar 2009
L.A. Voters Approve Most Ballot Measures

A plan to hire an independent person to oversee the Los Angeles Fire Department was approved by voters, but a measure to attract and retain businesses was rejected Tuesday.

Measure A will allow the Los Angeles Board of Fire Commissioners to hire an independent assessor to audit, assess and review the activities of the city's fire department. The independent assessor would oversee the handling of misconduct complaints against firefighters and civilian employees and cost the city about $500,000 a year.

Voters also approved Measure C, which changes the way survivor benefits are paid to disabled children of deceased city police officers and firefighters. Measure D, which was also approved by voters would allow Angeles police officers who marry or file a domestic partnership designation after they retire have the option to have their spouse receive survivor benefits. If a retired officer chooses this option, his or her monthly pension payment will be reduced in order to fund the future benefit.

Measure E, the "Economic Incentives for Business Development" charter amendment lost by about 9,200 votes. Measure E would allow the city to provide financial incentives to attract new businesses and keep businesses in the city but must result in public benefits. Measure B, which would allow the installation of solar panels on city buildings was narrowly leaning towards defeat on Wednesday.



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