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May 2013
LAPD Urges Caution Over Memorial Day Weekend

With Memorial Day weekend fast approaching, many people in Venice and Marina del Rey are in the midst of making their holiday plans.

However, the Los Angeles Police Department warns of the importance of putting safety at the top of your list.

According to Marcy Garcia, senior lead officer for the LAPD Pacific Division, which covers Venice and Marina del Rey, this time of year it is important to exercise caution. She urges residents to lock their windows and doors when leaving home as well as locking up their parked cars.

"Suspects walk up and down street, look into residents' vehicles to see what there is to take," Garcia said. "The majority of items taken are laptops, iPods, iPads and cell phones. We are encouraging residents to check with their carriers and install tracking systems in all their electronic devices."

Garage burglaries have also been on the rise this year, according to Garcia. She said it is important to stay vigilant, whether at home or if only leaving the house for a brief moment.

"Residents are leaving their garage doors open while they are inside their homes, in their backyards, or running out on a quick errand," Garcia said. "Open garage doors are easy targets for suspects."

To find out more ways to stay safe this holiday weekend, visit the LAPD's Pacific Division website.



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