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Apr 2009
LAPD Wife: I'm All A'Twitter!


I've been checking out Twitter and decided to try it out. I'm still unsure if this will be something that will just complicate my life and add one more item to my already too-long to-do list, or... it may be an exercise that will allow more people to find me and feel like we're keeping in touch and closer than the blog atmosphere allows.

If you are already on Twitter, you can sign up to "follow" me: my user name is "LAPD_Wife." If you're wondering what Twitter is all about, check out the All About Twitter page . I'll try to do daily updates of what I'm working on, what is going on with Officer Jake on the job and more. (Don't worry, I won't bug you with the what-kind-of-cereal-I'm-eating-for-breakfast kind of crap). What's cool is that you can get these short little bursts of information on your BlackBerries, iPhones or cell phones as well as online.

Like I said, it's an experiment. Let's see how it works. If anyone out there is a Twitter-expert and has words of wisdom, I would love some guidance. Thanks!



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