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Mar 2023
League Files Formal Misconduct Complaint

Dear Members,

Today, the LAPPL filed a formal misconduct complaint naming Chief Moore and Police Administrator III Lizabeth Rhodes for gross negligence and misconduct regarding egregious neglect of duty, false statements, and conduct unbecoming an officer or employee for their role in the public disclosure of personal information that will endanger police officers, especially those working in sensitive assignments. We will fight to ensure a thorough, complete and transparent investigation into this matter.

We demand to know who knew what and when did they know it? If the Chief did not know, as he has claimed, then who did and when will they get shown the door? We will also be pressing to ensure those officers that are working in sensitive assignments are accorded the appropriate security to keep them and their families safe.

The League is rapidly evaluating with both internal and external legal counsel any judicial remedy to this egregious affront to our member’s safety. We anticipate receiving these evaluations within the next 48 hours and the League will act accordingly. We will update you as our complaint moves through the process.

Very Truly Yours,

Los Angeles Police Protective League



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