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Jul 2015
Video: LAPD officer saves life of choking man

A Los Angeles police officer was quick to act when he saw a patron in a restaurant choking, CBS LA reported.

In a video taken by a local restaurant's security camera on July 5, a man is seen jumping up from his table and hunching over. The man's wife and son, who were also at the table, were reportedly unsure of how to help.The wife pulled out her cell phone to call 9-1-1 as other patrons walked by.

Officer Mark Mireles was on a lunch break when the wife called him over to help.

"It was evident that his airway was obstructed, because he couldn't even make a sound," Mireles told CBS LA. "I knew that I had seconds to act."

Mireles performed the Heimlich maneuver and was able to clear the man's airway. He stayed with the family until paramedics arrived.

Mireles doesn't consider himself a hero but said to CBS LA he hopes the incident inspires others to get basic training and learn some life-saving techniques.

In his 25 years with the department, 48-year-old Mireles has received three medals of Valor, CBS LA reported.



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