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Nov 2014
Dark clouds are gathering over Los Angeles. Violent crime is up. Thousands of dangerous felons could soon flood the area after state voters passed Proposition 47 last week. LAPD officer morale is low and sinking even further due to the...
Oct 2014
What if we told you that you had the opportunity to release thousands of dangerous inmates with serious criminal records back to your community? Would you do it? Would you risk the safety of your family and community by allowing felons...
Oct 2014
After all of the recent high profile cases where the initial reports of an incident did not tell the entire story, one would expect that politicians would not rush to judgment in a case that they know nothing about except for what they...
Oct 2014
“Watch out,” Mayor Garcetti said during a downtown news conference on Monday. “We’re going to make sure that we’re coming after you.” Huh?!? The mayor was reacting to an Los Angeles Times story reporting that the city spent $328 million on...

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