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Mar 2014
The stakes were high. California was under a court order to shed at least 7,000 more inmates, beginning in April, to relieve prison overcrowding. Gov. Brown appealed for more time to deal with the prison crisis. Recently, a three-judge...
Feb 2014
(Mark Wilson / Getty Images / February 25, 2014) The Los Angeles Times editorial board isn’t happy, but we could not be more satisfied that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled this week in favor of Los Angeles police officers in a key ruling on...
Jan 2014
Advocates were wishing and hoping that California’s high recidivism rate – the percentage of inmates who commit new crimes soon after release from prison – would decline when prison realignment took hold. The idea was that as the state...
Dec 2013
If your automobile insurance suddenly costs more, it might have something to do with prison realignment. Here’s why: A report this month from the nonpartisan Public Police Institute of California (PPIC) found that motor vehicle theft...

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