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Jul 2012
California voter imperative: Stop payroll deception on November ballot
LAPPL Board of Directors

It was a big week for the U.S. Supreme Court. Last Monday, the Court threw out key provisions of Arizona's crackdown on illegal immigrants, struck down automatic life sentences without parole for juveniles convicted of murder and on Thursday upheld most of president’s health care law. Those were the headline grabbing decisions.

Less attention went to the Court’s upholding of limitless political donations from super political action committees, or super PACs. This ruling ends for now a controversial saga in the court's 2010 Citizens United case, which along with other federal rulings, has stripped away restrictions on political contributions from corporations, labor unions and millionaires and billionaires.

In our view, this ruling makes it an even greater imperative that California voters defeat a measure on this November’s statewide ballot. The payroll deception measure, officially titled the Special Exemptions Act, claims to be about “stopping special interests,” but it would actually award special exemptions to corporate special interests. It would give the wealthy and well-connected even more power to influence elections, control government and weaken our state’s middle class.

At the same time, it would severely restrict public safety employees and other union members in both the public and private sectors from having a voice in our political process. Police officers, firefighters, teachers and nurses, among others, would be unable to speak out on issues that matter to us all – like cuts to police and fire (affecting response times), our schools and colleges, patient safety and workplace protections.

We invite you to learn more by watching a video on the importance of stopping the officially titled Special Exemptions Act this November. The video and other important information is available on the League’s web site.

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