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Feb 2011
He murdered a police officer – help keep him in prison

In four weeks, the Solano State Prison parole board will meet to decide on Voltaire Williams’ request for parole.

Back in 1989, Williams was convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison for conspiracy in the brutal 1985 ambush and assassination of LAPD Detective Thomas C. Williams. As he was picking up his son from a Canoga Park day care center, Detective Williams was hit by eight shots fired from an assault weapon. His truck was riddled with bullets, as were nearby walls and even the interior of the school.

The killing or attempted killing of a law enforcement officer is the ultimate attack on public safety. Fellow law enforcement officers, Angelenos, and concerned citizens across the state and nation must send the message that brazen attacks like these will result in the harshest penalties and will always mean a lifetime forfeiture of the assailant’s freedom.

The Los Angeles Police Protective League has sent a letter to the parole board apposing Williams' release. We encourage you to honor the memory of Detective Williams and support his wife and two children by also writing to the Solano State Prison parole board and urging them to make Voltaire Williams serve out his full sentence.

Solano State Prison
Parole Board
P.O. Box 4000
Vacaville, CA 95696

Voltaire Williams CDC No. E17796



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