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Apr 2011
Who’s the secret billionaire group behind CFFR’s California pension attacks?

The California Foundation for Fiscal Responsibility (CFFR), headed by Marcia Fritz, is a group that’s heading the effort to dismantle pension benefits for public employees. CFFR attempts to cast itself simply as a group of concerned Californians tackling an issue of public interest. Over the past several years, it has furiously churned out op-ed pieces and sued pension boards to gain access to the records of retirees. The group even hosts a website called “The $100,000 Pension Club,” which features a searchable database listing the names of former California public employees who receive more than $100,000 in retirement payments.

However, it turns out that CFFR is being funded not by a fiscally concerned Californian, but by an unnamed out-of-state billionaire foundation.

CFFR’s billionaire benefactor remains a mystery because Fritz and CFFR won’t give up the name. CFFR demands “transparency” for public employees’ retirement records, yet it is adamantly against “transparency” when it comes to the financier pulling the CFFR strings. Fritz routinely derides those who oppose her efforts as “union bosses,” but she won’t divulge the name of the foundation funding those efforts. And while Fritz proudly “outs” retirees receiving a pension after having worked an entire career in public service, her billionaire backer can hide in the shadows behind the Fritz curtain of anonymity.

So, Marcia Fritz, what is it you have to hide? Who’s the member of the “Billionaire Club” that’s pulling the CFFR strings?



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