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Oct 2009
While reviewing today’s news stories, we were surprised to see a Daily News article in which several city officials commented that the contract negotiations are very close to being completed. City Council President Eric Garcetti was quoted...
Sep 2009
Last Friday was supposed to be a hard deadline for the City Council to resolve the City budget crisis. It was also supposed to be a hard deadline for Governor Schwarzenegger to submit a definitive plan to federal judges to reduce state...
Sep 2009
Police officers from the 77th Street Division look over a crime scene after a shooting near the corner of Western Avenue and Century Boulevard, near the two gangs' territories. (Michael Robinson Chavez / Los Angeles Times) L.A. at a...
Sep 2009
In response to a Los Angeles Times Editorial on September 15, 2009 regarding the furlough of police officers (read below), LAPPL President Paul M. Weber has submitted the following response to the LA Times: September 15, 2009 [email protected]

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