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Apr 2019
LAPD and L.A. County Sheriff’s vehicles line up near the scene of a shooting in South L.A. on Saturday, April 20 that left an officer and a suspect injured. (Raphael Richardson/Special to SCNG)
Police officers chasing a man in South Los Angeles late Saturday got into a brief gunfight with another man who appeared in their path armed with a gun, officials said. The shooting left one of the officers and the suspect injured, Los...
Apr 2019
Crafty crooks take Hollywood by storm. They pulled off more than 40 car break-ins last weekend alone, and police say they've been in these streets before.
Police said Thursday that they've broken up a band of scooter-riding robbers from the San Francisco Bay Area who busted into 40 cars over the weekend in Los Angeles. The thieves traveled to Hollywood and used ride-sharing scooters to hit...
Apr 2019
California can reduce dangerous encounters and improve the safety of our neighborhoods by taking a more holistic approach to crime reduction. (Bay Area News Group File Photo)
We should stop pretending that there’s one single solution to reduce police use of force incidents A safe and respectful encounter. Every single time. California public safety officers have this goal in mind whenever they interact with a...
Apr 2019
Photo by Nigel Kileen/Getty Images, File
The Los Angeles Police Department saw a 25% reduction in officer-involved shootings last year, compared to the previous year, according to a report presented to the Board of Police Commissioners Tuesday. The 2018 Use of Force Year-End...

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