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Jimmy Baldea

Founder, American eHealth Collaborative

Jimmy Baldea is the developer and administrator of our wellness program. He is a police officer, a healthcare provider, and is also a technology professional. He performs medical research in the field while interacting with and observing our officers during their everyday work. He performs blood pressure screenings at the Los Angeles Police Academy at Elysian Park, and also at various divisions. He is a speaker and a lecturer during our events, as well as at national forums. He distributes and troubleshoots medical equipment in the field for our officers. He helped to create, and actively works to refine our Best Practices and decision-tree algorithms for police wellness. He started our telemedicine program, and created our first responder vital sign data warehousing initiative. He has developed and implemented strategies to help us achieve compliance with the most recent National Occupation Research Agenda (NORA) for Public Safety objectives. He also performed, and continues to review and update, the research responsible for creating the list of the Top 10 Medical Conditions in the LAPD. He is responsible for a multitude of prevention and rehabilitation initiatives with our officers.

He is the founder of the American eHealth Collaborative. The American eHealth Collaborative develops and administers wellness programs for first responder organizations. They have incorporated the use of biofeedback devices and medical statistics into our wellness program. They maintain all of the data for our longitudinal research initiative and for our disaster recovery baseline vital statistics. He is also the founder of the Wellness Institute for Public Safety, a registered provider with the U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Administration National Training and Technical Assistance Center (DOJ BJA NTTAC) Program.

His work has inspired officers to improve their overall states of health, in a stigma-free environment. He is a champion of the cause to redefine wellness, physical and mental health for first responders. In 2018, he commenced efforts, with the United States Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (HHS and CMS), to develop new HCPCS codes for first responders. Simultaneously, he applied for, and continues to fight for, the creation of new CPT codes by the American Medical Association (AMA), for the benefit of first responders. In 2019, he commenced efforts to work with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to add certain needs of first responders as part of the Workforce category of the CDC List of National Health Initiatives, Strategies & Action Plans, on the CDC Public Health Initiatives Gateway.

Highlights of his professional career include creating an Oracle database and performing healthcare R&D in Harlem, New York City, on 35,000 diabetic/hypertensive/obese patients for a period of 5 years together with multiple schools of medicine and pharmaceutical companies in New York City. He also founded and works for the American Resources & Strategies firm. During his professional career, he has attained and held various certifications (including Certified NYS EMT-B) and official clearances (Level IV Security Clearances with the United States GSA and SSA).

Contact Jimmy Baldea via email at [email protected] or via telephone at (212) 300-5126.

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