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We Shall Never Forget

In memory of officers recently killed in the line of duty.

Memorial Information:
LAPD Officers California Peace Officers National Law Enforcement Officers

Police Officer Roberto Sanchez
EOW May 3, 2014
California Highway Patrol
Police Officer Lucas Chellew
EOW Feb 22, 2017
Stanislaus (CA) County Sheriff's Department
Deputy Sheriff Jason Garner
EOW May 13, 2017
Newport (AR) Police Department
Lieutenant Patrick Weatherford
EOW Jun 12, 2017
Georgia Department of Corrections
Corrections Officer Christopher Monica
EOW Jun 13, 2017
Georgia Department of Corrections
Corrections Officer Curtis Billue
EOW Jun 13, 2017
Florida Highway Patrol
Master Sergeant William Trampass Bishop
EOW Jun 17, 2017
Illinois State Police
Trooper Ryan Albin
EOW Jun 28, 2017
San Antonio (TX) Police Department
Police Officer Miguel Moreno
EOW Jun 30, 2017
Northville (NY) Police Department
Police Officer Robert Johnson
EOW Jul 4, 2017
New York City (NY) Police Department
Police Officer Miosotis Familia
EOW Jul 5, 2017
New York State Police
Trooper Joel R. Davis
EOW Jul 9, 2017
Pennsylvania State Police
Trooper Michael P. Stewart
EOW Jul 14, 2017

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