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Jun 2008
Police are requesting the public’s help in identifying the perpetrator of synagogue vandalism. On November 13, someone spray painted a devil on the back wall of Congregation Beth Israel at 8056 Beverly Blvd. in the Fairfax district. The...
May 2008
Sketches are long-standing tradition at Departme Matt Groller captures a police officer's entire career - the personality, the undercover work, the fallen colleagues - in a matter of hours. Showing veterans clinking wine glasses, toting...
May 2008
Injunction would give police ability to limit gang activities While it would be one of the largest gang injunction areas in the city, Los Angeles law enforcement officials on Thursday insisted the court order they are seeking against the...
Apr 2008
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Jude Schneider (310) 854-8251Eric Rose (805) 624-0572 LAPPL Responds to LA Times Columnist by Tim Sands The tragic shooting death of Officer Randy Simmons brought out the best in the Los Angeles media. While...

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