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Craig Lally

President's Message - October 2017

Thinking long term for the future of the membership

In an effort to improve our operational efficiency and invest in our long-term financial stability, the League has purchased the property immediately adjacent to our current office building. The property, located at 1312 West 8th Street, currently has three uninhabitable houses on the lot. The purchase price was $3.7 million.

President's Message - July 2017

Before and after the passage of Measure C

We tried to deal with the Department. We tried for years. It was apparent that the disciplinary system as it was being managed by the Department had failed and needed to be fixed. Five command officers were so frustrated themselves that they filed lawsuits claiming to have been retaliated against because they didn’t bow to the Chief’s recommendation to terminate officers, who they felt, after listening to the evidence, did not deserve termination.

President's Message - June 2017

This article is the first of a series of articles that I will be writing to express to the Department the unbelievable frustration of our men and women who just want to go to work and do the best job they can for the people who live and work in the city of Los Angeles, and then go home safely to their families.

President's Message - May 2017

Please get out the vote for Measure C (Fairness in Discipline)

Potentially the biggest change in our discipline system is coming soon. After about two years of work by your Directors, Measure C is on the ballot on May 16. The Charter Amendment will be presented to the voters and will finally provide an all-civilian Board of Rights option for our officers.

President's Message - April 2017

I have received numerous calls from retirees who worked with retired Sergeant II Don Westfall, who passed away on Feb. 23, 2017. All of them stated what a great officer, supervisor and League Director he was. I was especially touched by a eulogy written by a former watch commander of mine during the 1980s, retired Lieutenant Rik Violano.

President's Message - March 2017

We have great news: After years of pushing for reform of the Board of Rights process, we are now on a citywide ballot to amend the Charter for the election on May 16, 2017. If it passes, the measure would amend the City Charter to authorize the Council to adopt an ordinance that creates a three-member, all-civilian Board of Rights.

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