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Elizabeth Silver Tourgeman

Legally Liz - June 2017

Dear Legally Liz,

I have heard that the Department regularly conducts audits of our camera systems, including the Digital In-Car Video Systems and body-worn cameras. Can those audits be used against me in disciplinary proceedings? If so, it would seem that would be unfair as I have not been given the opportunity to review the audit or respond to any of the specific entries contained in the report. Wouldn’t that violate my rights?


Officer Vido Auditt

Legally Liz - May 2017

Dear Legally Liz,
I think the Department violated my rights under the Public Safety Officers Procedural Bill of Rights Act (“POBRA”) while investigating an allegation of misconduct against me. If the Department did violate my rights, are they forbidden from taking any punitive action against me?

Officer Daisy Plinn

Legally Liz - April 2017

Dear Legally Liz,
I am a police officer III and I have been using my personal cellphone for both personal and work-related issues, such as receiving calls from my supervisor, etc. Is my supervisor or LAPD command able to gain access to my personal cellphone?

Officer Cal Ubak

Legally Liz - March 2017

Dear Legally Liz,
The Department has informed me that it is going to interview me regarding some alleged misconduct, but they have not told me what the specific allegations are yet. When must the Department inform me of the charges against me?
Lieutenant Noah Klue

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