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Hannu "TJ" Tarjamo

Another Feel-Good Bill - August 2017

In the past few years, the transparency movement has resulted in many misguided laws and decrees from the federal government on down to the local governments. This phenomenon has caused a dramatic increase in administrative workload for law enforcement, and the actual mission of crime-fighting and law enforcement strategies seem to have become a less valuable tool for the politicians when it comes to public safety.

They Just Don't Understand

Nope, and they never will....

As each generation of police officers find themselves in the predicament of a changing world and changing work environment, today’s policing is probably more so in the crosshairs of change than ever in recent history. Looking through the prism of a street cop, it often feels confusing, misguided, counterintuitive, wasteful and even wrong.

Call to Action

When it comes to League affairs, it is not the nine Directors alone who can always affect change on your behalf. Sometimes, a more meaningful impact is made through member participation.

The Paper Police

Who have we really become beholden to? Has the mission become less about crime fighting and more about endless documenting for the sake of documenting, that only seem to cause more documenting? The idea that documenting a use of force in an arrest report often overshadows the actual criminal offense is insanity. I have seen many arrest reports where the body of crime was half a page long.

Do the Right Thing

This month I thought it would be appropriate to go over some housekeeping rules. As most of us are well aware, our job as police officers has gotten increasingly harder. We have the ACLU, publicly elected and appointed officials, civic leaders, the mainstream media and anti-public safety groups like BLM doing everything in their power to undermine the solid work that you are doing to keep the communities we serve safe.

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