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Jamie McBride

Bleeding Blue - November 2017

Blessed are the peacemakers

Adversity. Our legal system in the United States is known as an adversarial system in which the parties to a case gather and present their evidence before an impartial person or group of people, who then render a finding based on the information provided. In our law enforcement world, adversity is commonplace.

Bleeding Blue - October 2017

The unsung heroes

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Department’s Reserve Program when the “Police Reserve Corps” was established by the Los Angeles City Council. Prior to that, during World
War II, the concept was developed when the police officer candidate pool was depleted due to the war effort. At that time, the Department asked citizens to serve as auxiliary police and air raid wardens to offset the personnel shortages. However, it wasn’t formalized by City Council ordinance until 1947. Since then, many reserve officers have seen the value of becoming a League member and pay yearly dues.

Bleeding Blue - September 2017

A wall is needed

As law enforcement, we are in the security business. Our motto is to protect and to serve, and those protections should extend to our own employees. We can recount many stories of attacks on our officers, both within our own Department and nationwide. However, when those attacks cross the threshold of our own stations, it becomes an entirely different discussion. How do we best protect our personnel?

Bleeding Blue - August 2017

Los Angeles - The unregulated city

Who needs laws when you can just legalize everything?

Illegal food vendors have been a major health issue not just in Los Angeles, but in cities throughout the nation. I remember years ago when people in Los Angeles died from eating cheese made in dirty bathtubs.

Bleeding Blue - July 2017

In recent weeks, it has become clear that our Mayor is doing all he can to garner national attention, as evidenced by remarks made during a radio interview and his recent trip to Wisconsin. Yes, you read that correctly. The Los Angeles Mayor was invited to speak at the Ideas Conference hosted by the Center for American Progress in Madison, Wis. The event was promoted as the first gathering of potential Democratic candidates for 2020, and Eric was selected to give the opening keynote.

Bleeding Blue - June 2017

The Risk Management Star Chamber

Anyone pursuing a career in law enforcement will quickly become familiar with the name “risk management.” Policing involves inherent risks—confronting aggressive and violent criminals, the protection of those who may not be able to protect themselves, and the list goes on. What is not pushed to the forefront is the idea of internal risk. Or rather, the risk faced by the officer or lower-level employee from the top of the organization. Without exception, we accept the physical dangers of the job, but it is difficult to understand that the biggest risk to your career comes from inside the organization.

Bleeding Blue - April 2017

Garcetti’s Bizarro World – Los Angeles 2017

Bizarro World, the planet in DC Comics where the opposite of all that is held as true is the new normal. In the City of Los Angeles, our politicians are embracing this concept at an alarming rate. And what does one do when he is up for Mayoral re-election in Bizarro Los Angeles? Why, continue to flout the law in order to curry favor with the liberal voting bloc in the City of Los Angeles. Mayor Eric Garcetti’s latest maneuver is to use taxpayer funds to set up a $10 million legal defense fund for illegal immigrants. That’s correct. Law-abiding taxpayers are going to be paying for the defense of those here illegally and thereby, subject to deportation. And City Attorney Mike Feuer weighed in, ...

Bleeding Blue - March 2017

How many inches?

At the Jan. 17th Police Commission meeting, Police Administrator Arif Alikhan presented a report relative to the Blake Justice Consent Decree for Fiscal Year 2015–16. Because the Commission meetings have turned into such chaotic sideshows, not much was presented in the way of the report. However, Alikhan made a few remarks, but nothing too earth-shattering. And Police Commission President Matt Johnson’s response? He accepted the report but wants a follow-up done for some additional information. In particular, he wants to know the most recent command staff promotions, specifically the recently vacated ...

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