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Jerretta Sandoz

Backing Blue - October 2017

$12,216 raised to assist hurricane victims

In late August, the City of Houston was hit with Hurricane Harvey, a category 4 hurricane that left the city devastated. The death toll from Hurricane Harvey was hovering at approximately 70, and the property damage was expected to be in the billions. Mutual aid has poured into Houston from all over the country.

Promotional Survey Solutiuons, Part III - September 2017

As promised, I am bringing solutions and not only problems. This is your voice as it relates to the current promotional system. My next step will be to meet with the stakeholders and present your concerns to them in an effort to work together to make this system as fair as possible.

Question No. 2: In your experience, do you think the current LAPD advanced paygrade opportunities are fair?

Brace Yourselves

Shame on the L.A. Times for lashing out at Whitter Police Chief Jeff Piper when he had the courage to call a spade and spade. Whitter Police Officer Keith Boyer would still be alive today if not for the California criminal justice reforms put in place recently. Enough is enough and if something doesn’t change soon, crimes rate, homelessness and lawlessness will continue to soar and be uncontainable. The L.A.

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