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Mark Cronin

On the nod? - September 2017

The seven sleep killers

Police officers have different sleeping needs and requirements compared to non-sworn. Oftentimes, because there are so few clinical personnel who truly understand what we go through on a daily basis, our rest-related problems (and other problems that result from poor sleep) may not be properly identified or diagnosed for treatment.

Alcoholism, the Evil Beast in Law Enforcement - August 2017

For everyone reading this, I want to personally thank Officer Bobby Felix for writing such a compelling article.

I couldn’t be prouder of Bobby’s sobriety, and I hope that his testimony will resonate with many of you so that you recognize you are not alone, that you are cared for, and there are resources available for you right now. Feel free to reach out at (661) 510-6129 or [email protected].

Keep This Checklist in Mind! - July 2017

Expectations and recommendations when you are involved in a law enforcement-related injury or officer-involved shooting

If or when the unavoidable happens and you find yourself involved in an officer-involved shooting (OIS), I want to empower you with very helpful knowledge courtesy of the law offices of Fullerton & Hanna, LLP. You should know and follow this checklist in the event of a law enforcement-related injury (LERID) or OIS.

American eHealth Collaborative Part II - April 2017

The League is pleased to announce that we’ve successfully completed the first phase of the LAPPL Wellness Program! The team at the American eHealth Collaborative, led by CEO Jimmy Baldea, spent nearly a month on-site, and performed personalized implementations. We, together with the NYPD Sergeants Benevolent Association, are now actively contributing non-identifier research data, to the American eHealth Collaborative’s Bi-Coastal Police Health Research Study.

The 'Ferguson Effect,' Fact or Fiction? - March 2017

The Ferguson effect is the idea that increased scrutiny of police following the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., has led to an increased crime rate (or sometimes increased murder rate) in major U.S. cities.

I’m taking on a controversial topic this month. Fact or fiction: Is the “Ferguson effect” a reality within law enforcement, and is it impacting the Los Angeles Police Department in any measurable way?

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