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Steve Gordon

Watch Your Six - June 2017

Accountability 101 (continued from May)
I didn’t think I was going to be in this position after last month’s article on our Police Commissioner Shane Murphy Goldsmith. I had this month all planned and had full intentions to write about my 23rd personnel complaint. It was a doozy. If you haven’t seen a League Director pucker up and plant one on the backside of a Police Commissioner before, you’re in luck, because I’m going to keep it that way. It’s not going to happen. But I do have to throw out some kudos, maybe even a “Metro nod” if I see Commissioner Goldsmith in the future. It’s not very often ...

Watch Your Six - May 2017

Accountability 101

The incident you are about to read is something I felt compelled to write due to the position I hold as a League Director. To not mention it would mirror the nepotism and cronyism that has driven morale down to the record depth that we have today. To let something “slide” because of someone’s rank or who someone is “connected to” would be a betrayal of the trust of my peers. There will be no favoritism here.

Watch Your Six - April 2017

Being a cop in 2017 is harder than it has ever been!

How bad is it being a cop these days? I can only shake my head and think, “Damn, it’s never been this bad!” Should I start off with how difficult and torturous it is? Where do I even start? Just as we start to even think of pulling the Band-Aid off on one wound, we get smacked again! The punches just keep coming and coming. It’s never been this bad, ever! The cops before us had it easy!

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