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Straight Talk - September 2017

Robert Harris


From the beginning of my term last year, my goal has been to help the League develop in three key ways. First, I want the League to increase in strength, respect and results. Second, I want to expand the League’s influence at the local, state and national levels. Finally, I want to grow the business of the League so that future Boards have the resources necessary to achieve the first two goals. We have made great strides forward, and each of these goals deserves its own article, but for this month, I want to highlight something I am especially proud of.


Let me start by laying the foundation for what I am so proud of. The core of what we do as Directors is advocating on your behalf. We are your representatives, elected to carry your concerns to the ears of those who need to hear. However, simply delivering a message is not enough. The goal is to deliver a valid message. I believe validity is achieved through trust. Trust doesn’t mean agreement, though. Our message may be disagreed with, but the goal is to earn enough trust so that the message is listened to and considered.

A key component to gaining trust is by earning respect. Engaging the community in positive ways and using our resources to create opportunities is one of the ways to achieve this. With this in mind, the LAPPL had the extraordinary pleasure of partnering with the Sports Academy Foundation and the LAPD Centurions in sponsoring the first “Train Like A Pro Day” at the Sports Academy’s athletic facilities.

The Sports Academy is a world-class sports campus dedicated to the development of an individual’s mind, body and spirit. They empower people of all ages to reach a higher potential through athletics. The Sports Academy Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit extension dedicated to expanding the scope of access to individuals and groups that otherwise could not benefit from a relationship with the Sports Academy family.


We held two one-day events for the Dorsey High School Varsity Football Team and the Junior Raiders Enrichment & Athletic Mentorship program (JREAM), which consisted of players ages 7 through 13. In both events, the players had the opportunity to work on skills, strength and conditioning, nutrition, communication and team building exercises with the exceptional coaching staff of the Sports Academy.

My purpose for this endeavor was to create an environment where the players could interact with officers in a way they probably never have before. I am extremely grateful to the Centurion players who came and shared their stories, time and energy with these kids. Both events were a huge success, and the feedback we received from the Dorsey and JREAM coaching staff was very positive. I am proud of the work everyone put into this and look forward to a continuing partnership with the Sports Academy Foundation.

For as long as I remain at the League, it will be my mission to ensure our message remains valid by earning the respect of others and influencing the lives of those around us in a positive way. When we are inundated with news of hatred, violence and intolerance, our city deserves to know all that you do to protect and serve.

Be smart. Be safe.

If you have questions, feel free to email me at [email protected] or contact me at (951) 415-5943.


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