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The Los Angeles Police Protective League, and its affiliates, will continue to protect those who protect others.

Currently, the LAPPL is affiliated with the following organizations on the national and state level:


National Association of Police Organizations, representing nearly 220,000 police officer members in 4,000 police associations nationwide.


California Coalition of Law Enforcement Associations, representing 28 California police officer associations.


Southern California Alliance of Law Enforcement, representing 10 police officer associations.


The United Coalition of Public Safety (UCOPS) is a non-partisan organization representing over 15,050 law enforcement officers nationwide. UCOPS serves as a source of leadership for education and outreach in promoting the exceptional work of law enforcement in our communities.

The BIG 50small_1633208654378-_1_.jpg

An informal association of the 50 largest law enforcement associations in the United States.

BIG 11

BIG 11 is an informal association of the 11 largest sworn law enforcement associations in the State of California.

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