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Partnerships and Support Groups

Law Enforcement Agencies

California Highway Patrol
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Fresno Police Department
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
New York Police Department
San Diego Police Department
San Francisco Police Department

Law Enforcement Organizations

The Airborne Law Enforcement Association
It encourages communications and liaison between law enforcement agencies interested in the safe use of aircraft for law enforcement and emergency services. Aviation news and a gallery of aviation law enforcement photographs--with some photographs of the LAPD aircraft in action.

California Narcotics Officers Association
CNOA represents member officers in various law enforcement agencies throughout California. These dedicated men and women are the first line of defense against the proliferation of illegal drugs in our state.

California Peace Officers' Memorial Foundation
These pages are dedicated to the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice while serving to protect the citizens of the STATE OF CALIFORNIA...

Los Angeles Police Emerald Society
The Los Angeles Police Emerald Society is a multi-agency organization dedicated to maintaining the best of law enforcement heritage and traditions.

The National Academy of Police Diving
This site was formed to standardize Police Diver training and certification, and to establish a viable resource of experience and expertise in police underwater search and recovery. All of the instructors are active full time Police Divers.

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund
The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) is dedicated to honoring all of America’s law enforcement heroes – those who have died in the line of duty and those who continue to serve and protect.

The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum
This is dedicated to the history and popular culture of the legendary Texas Rangers. Founded in 1823, the Texas Rangers constitute the oldest state law enforcement agency in the nation and an enduring symbol of Texas and the American West.

Support Groups

Addiction Prevention
The Addiction Prevention Unit (APU) is housed under Behavior Science Services (BSS). It consists of sworn Department employees who have specialized training and education in addiction and recovery. APU counselors, who are in recovery themselves, provide education, support and assistance to Department employees and their family members who misuse alcohol and/or prescription medication. Contact us for 12-Step Program information, including Peace Officer Fellowship meetings. Our mission is to help those who help others.
Contact: Sgt. Gustavo Marroquin: (213) 840-4864 | Email: [email protected]
Contact: Sgt. Shawn Corri: (213) 810-2128 | Email: [email protected]

Family Support Group
Founded in 1983, FSG comprises widows and widowers who provide emotional support and grief recovery to those who experience the loss of a police officer. FSG sponsors events and speakers, and provides grief counseling, working in conjunction with the following groups: Employee Assistance Unit, LAPD Memorial Foundation and Concerns of Police Survivors.
Meetings: Last Tuesday of every month, 5 p.m.
Contact: Maria Johnson: (323) 546-8038 | Email: [email protected] | Website:

LAPD Autism Support Group
Launched in 2008, LAPASG provides the law enforcement community, including their families, with a place to start when diagnosed with autism or a related autism spectrum disorder. LAPASG offers understanding and support through personal experience, education and resources on dealing with autism, as well as discussions from experts. Meetings: TBA
Contact: Officer Adriana Sanchez | Email: [email protected]

Desert Refuge For Peace Officers And Military Personnel
The Desert Refuge for Peace Officers located in Joshua Tree is a place of hospitality, healing, and solitude for law enforcement personnel, as well as active and retired military personnel, and their families.
Services available at the Refuge for individuals and families include counseling, stress reduction, solitude, religious support, mentorship, companionship and opportunities for private and group prayer and meditation.
Please visit our website www.DRPO for up-to-date virtual and local support group training.
Contact: LAPD Chaplain Fr. Michael Cooper: (626) 862-3191 | Email: [email protected]
Contact: DRPO Board Member Nicholas Titiriga: (661) 733-3260 | Email: [email protected]

LAPD Cancer Support Group
Since 2005, LAPCSG’s mission has been to provide the law enforcement community with hope, support, education and a place to start when diagnosed with cancer. Officers can now contribute to the LAPCSG via payroll deduction. Contact Police Relief for details at (213) 647-3701 or (888) 252-7721.
Meetings: Fourth Thursday of every month, 11 a.m.
Contact: Department Wellness Coordinator at (213) 925-0963 | Website:

Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation
Since its beginnings in 1972, the Memorial Foundation has granted more than $17 million to active officers and their families enduring catastrophic circumstances related to deaths and serious injuries or illnesses. The Memorial Foundation honors fallen officers and those who die while active, by providing grants for funerals and the college education of surviving minor dependent children. Annually, the Memorial Foundation also administers a merit-based scholarship program, providing funding to deserving college-bound seniors of LAPD officers.
Contact: (323) 276-5970 | email: [email protected] | Website:

Employee Assistance Unit
The Employee Assistance Unit (EAU) is a component of the Office of Administrative Services. EAU provides assistance in obtaining information, referrals and funeral arrangements for Department employees. EAU also assist employees in the following areas:
• Death and Funeral Notices
• Department Chaplain Program
• Peer Support Program
• Financial Counseling Team Referrals
• Department Honor Guard
• Family Support Group
• Children’s Support Group
Contact: (213) 486-0190

LAPD Wives Association
Founded in 2005, the LAPD Wives Association offers support to LAPD wives through friendship, education and experience. They have educational meetings, workshops, pizza nights — and occasionally sponsor and support various social and Department events. Wives interested in joining can visit the website and fill out the membership application. There is a yearly membership fee of $30.
Contact: Alice Sturdy: (626) 523-8277 | Email: [email protected]
Contact: Andrea: (213) 503-1843 | Email: [email protected]

Peer Support Group
Over the years, Department members of PSG have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of employees with personal and work-related problems. This group is open to all active LAPD employees, both sworn and civilian. The core of PSG is being able to appropriately respond to people in need in order to help them through life’s difficult times. Currently, there are approximately 322 certified peer support members, sworn and civilian. Services include help with overwhelming situations at work or home, relationship issues, substance abuse issues, health concerns, issues regarding grief or loss and other self-destructive thoughts or behaviors.
Contact: (213) 486-0790
Email: [email protected]

Los Angeles Police Department

Los Angeles Police Department
The Los Angeles Police Department Page. With over 3000 pages, the LAPD's Web site is loaded with general information, crime statistics, directions to police stations, a history of the department, biographies of officers killed in the line of duty, a ten most wanted list, and much more. Built with the help of a $500,000 grant from The Crime Prevention Advisory Council of DARE America, this is the most extensive presence in cyberspace of any law enforcement agency in the world.

Los Angeles Fire and Police Pensions
The Pension Department has launched a new and improved Web Site. The staff has put much thought and research into this project. It’s more informative and interactive. If the members have comments after reviewing the site please have them contact the staff with their input. Thanks and hopefully it meets their expectations.

Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union
For information about the Los Angeles Police Department Credit Union, what it offers, locations, current rates.

Los Angeles Police Historical Society
The Los Angeles Police Historical Society searches out facts, dates, people, places and things having to do with the history of the Los Angeles Police Department. LAPHS is a tax exempt organization which relies upon its membership fees and outside donations of local foundations, businesses and corporations within the Los Angeles area. The staff is limited and serves mostly on a voluntary basis.

Los Angeles Police Revolver and Athletic Club
The Los Angeles Police Revolver and Athletic Club, also known as the Los Angeles Police Academy, is a part of Los Angeles Police Department history. LAPRAAC is a private club which was established over 60 years ago by Los Angeles Police Officers as a training facility. Today LAPRAAC maintains extensive athletic and recreational facilities and programs along with the Academy Shop, Uniform Shop, Barber Shop, restaurant, and banquet facilities.

Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation
The Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation was founded in 1972 and is chartered by the State of California as a tax-exempt, non-profit organization.

Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) was established by the Legislature in 1959 to set minimum selection and training standards for California law enforcement. The POST organization, with more than 130 staff members, functions under the direction of an Executive Director appointed by the Commission.

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