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Apr 2019
Crafty crooks take Hollywood by storm. They pulled off more than 40 car break-ins last weekend alone, and police say they've been in these streets before.
Police said Thursday that they've broken up a band of scooter-riding robbers from the San Francisco Bay Area who busted into 40 cars over the weekend in Los Angeles. The thieves traveled to Hollywood and used ride-sharing scooters to hit...
Apr 2019
California can reduce dangerous encounters and improve the safety of our neighborhoods by taking a more holistic approach to crime reduction. (Bay Area News Group File Photo)
We should stop pretending that there’s one single solution to reduce police use of force incidents A safe and respectful encounter. Every single time. California public safety officers have this goal in mind whenever they interact with a...
Apr 2019
Photo by Nigel Kileen/Getty Images, File
The Los Angeles Police Department saw a 25% reduction in officer-involved shootings last year, compared to the previous year, according to a report presented to the Board of Police Commissioners Tuesday. The 2018 Use of Force Year-End...
Apr 2019
Listen in as LAPPL Director Robert Harris discusses with Dr. Drew and Leeann Tweeden on how to make interactions between police officers and the community safer, and why AB 392 is the wrong solution to address this issue.

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