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Mar 2024
18-Year-Old Woman Arrested For Deadly Shooting At San Pedro Bar
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18-Year-Old Woman Arrested For Deadly Shooting At San Pedro Bar

Los Angeles police arrested an 18-year-old woman for killing a 33-year-old father of two inside a San Pedro in January. The shooting happened on Jan. 20, when 33-year-old Tyrone Tyars went to the Machista Bar to pick up his fiancée. Tyars' family said she felt unsafe. He got there before 12 a.m. Following an altercation between multiple people, 18-year-old Estrella Rojas allegedly began shooting, striking Tyars, his fiancée and a 44-year-old man. "He only came here to pick up his kids' mother," said Tyars' mother, Ira McGrady. "How did my son get murdered?" Tyars died at the bar, while his fiancée and the other victim suffered non-life-threatening injuries. "My life changed January 20th, when I was told my son was murdered here," McGrady said. With the help from the FBI, the Los Angeles Police Department tracked down Rojas in San Pedro on March 7. The LAPD investigation unveiled Rojas' alleged connection to another shooting on Jan. 6. Officers do not believe the shootings are related. 


Scooter Rider Killed In Hit-and-Run In Harbor City

A person on a scooter was fatally struck by a hit-and-run driver in Harbor City and police Tuesday are continuing their investigation of the collision. Los Angeles Police Department officers from the department’s Harbor Division were called at around 10:20 p.m. Monday to Pacific Coast Highway and Vermont Avenue where they learned the driver was traveling west on PCH when they struck the scooter rider and did not stop to render aid, an LAPD spokeswoman told City News Service. Los Angeles Fire Department personnel pronounced victim dead at the scene. There was no description of the driver or vehicle.


Homeless Man Sleeping Under Car Fatally Run Over, Police Say

A woman made a gruesome discovery while she was on her way to work early Tuesday morning. Investigators said the incident was reported around 4 a.m. near Reseda Boulevard and Mayall Street in Northridge. Officials said the woman was pulling out onto Reseda Blvd. when she felt a "thump" as if she had hit something. Thinking it was an animal, she got out to assess the scene and realized it was a man. She contacted authorities and once first responders arrived, the man was declared dead at the scene. Officials believe the man was homeless and had been sleeping underneath her car. The woman remained at the scene and was cooperating with investigators. It is not believed she'll face any criminal charges. Reseda Blvd. was closed between Mayall and Lassen streets for the investigation. The road closure was set to be in place for several hours.

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Jeep Doused In Gasoline And Set On Fire During Chaotic Street Takeover In Hyde Park

A Jeep was doused in gasoline and then set on fire during a chaotic street takeover in Hyde Park over the weekend. Video shows the Jeep suddenly go up in flames after a man poured gasoline all over the car, including under the hood. As the Jeep burns in the middle of the intersection, another car does donuts around it in front of dozens of onlookers. The street takeover happened at the intersection of 63rd Street and Crenshaw Boulevard just before 3:20 a.m. Saturday, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. Police estimate 50 cars were involved in the street takeover. The crowd was already dispersing when officers arrived. No injuries were reported and no arrest has been made. Police are now investigating video of the incident, which was posted on social media.


Woman Fights For Life After Violent Robbery At Beauty Store In L.A.

A 32-year-old woman, a manager at a beauty store in East Los Angeles, is in critical condition after being slammed to the ground during a robbery last week that was captured on surveillance cameras. The violent robbery unfolded at around 5:30 p.m. Mar. 6 at M Beauty, located at 5555 Whittier Boulevard in Commerce. Footage of the incident shows four female suspects trying to make a break for it when the store manager attempts to block them, putting herself in their path. The women are seen shoving her out of the way, dragging her outside by her hair and throwing her to the ground. The 32-year-old tried getting up but collapsed after suffering from medical problems. In Spanish, the victim’s father, Enrique Sandoval, said his daughter is now fighting for her life. After sustaining massive trauma during the robbery, doctors are telling the family that the 32-year-old may need a heart transplant to survive. “These girls assaulted the love of my life,” the victim’s boyfriend, Robert Marquez, told KTLA’s Carlos Saucedo. “It was raining and everything was slippery and when they attacked her, they got thrown to the ground. My partner has had heart issues before.”  


6-Year-Old Assaulted By Homeless Man: Police In Active Search Of Suspect

A six-year-old was hit in the face and knocked to the ground by a homeless individual while walking along Main Street. The incident happened around 7 p.m. on Sunday, at the junction of Main Street and Marine. Witness Christina Tulluck, a Venice resident, recounted that the incident occurred while she and her friends, including the young victim, were heading home from a restaurant on Main Street. They had just stopped to get ice cream when the attack happened. "The hit was violent enough that it knocked her [the 6-year-old] to the ground," Tulluck shared, noting that the child was clutching her face. Tullock said that following the assault, she immediately called 911 and pursued the suspect for as long as possible. She described the individual as being between 25 to 35 years old, dressed in a gray hoodie and black pants. According to the Santa Monica Police Department, the serious nature of this incident, classified as child abuse and assault, has led to its assignment to detectives specializing in juvenile crimes.

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New Research Indicates California Has The Most Car Thefts In America 

The United States saw a 25 percent increase in motor vehicle thefts between 2019 and 2022, new research from MarketWatch Guides suggests, and that rise in thefts is being felt hardest in California. More than one million cars were stolen in 2022, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), and that trend doesn’t show signs of stopping; nearly 500,000 vehicles were stolen in the first half of 2023 alone, the NICB says, and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data shows that one car is stolen in America every 32 seconds. As for California, 99,769 total car thefts were reported between Jan. and July 2023, which is over 44,000 more than the next closest state, Texas (55,365). Illinois saw a 38 percent increase in car thefts between 2022 and 2023, MarketWatch Guides said, which ranked as the highest jump in the nation. When breaking down yearly car thefts by state, California doesn’t fare well there either; 202,685 cars were reported stolen in 2022, according to the Insurance Information Institute. And while that is only a one percent increase from the previous year, it is over 97,000 more thefts than second-placed Texas. 


California Increases Efforts To Remove Guns From Hands Of Criminals, Subjects Of Court Orders

The California Attorney General announced Monday that his office was making measurable progress in efforts to remove firearms from people who bought them legally but later became ineligible to possess them when they were convicted of crimes or when they became the subjects of domestic violence or other court orders. Rob Bonta said the number of people contacted by state Department of Justice agents or local police in so-called prohibited possessor investigations increased to more than 25,000 in 2023 while the number of names added to the prohibited list shrunk. "The goal is simple here: Keep the number of illegally armed individuals as low as possible, and by removing guns from the hands of people who shouldn't have them, we keep the number low," Bonta said at a news conference Monday. California created a database in 2006 to begin comparing names of people who purchased firearms legally with those who were convicted of felonies or certain misdemeanors that prohibit gun possession like domestic violence offenses. The database also includes names of people who've been involuntarily committed for mental health treatment and the names of those on domestic violence restraining orders and gun violence restraining orders. Gun violence orders, which can take several forms, can be initiated when police, a family member, employer, coworker or teacher becomes concerned that someone with access to firearms may be contemplating a violent act.


Videos: Arizona Police Sniper Wounds Gunman Who Fired On Officers, Leading To Fatal Shootout

A multi-agency law enforcement investigation team has released body camera and helicopter footage of an officer using a rifle to take down an armed suspect at long range, the Arizona Daily Star reported. The Feb. 10 incident began when officers from the Marana Police Department conducted a traffic stop. After conducting an investigation, officers decided to arrest Tobin Pico, 29, for aggravated DUI, according to the report. When officers started trying to place Pico in handcuffs, he fled on foot, crossing multiple lanes of traffic. Body camera footage from one of the officers shows Pico dropping a handgun in the road’s median. He picked it up and continued to run from officers. Other officers were called to assist, and an air unit maintained a visual on the suspect as he started to walk toward a populous area, according to the report. Helicopter video shows Pico the handgun at the ground next to him. An officer’s body camera then shows a team setting up a rifle. The officer with the rifle fired three shots. Helicopter video shows the suspect falling to the ground after the third shot. The distance between the officer and the suspect is unclear, but the officers cannot be seen on the thermal helicopter video that shows Pico being shot.


Video: NYPD Officers Rescue Woman Preparing To Jump From Bridge

NYPD officers have been credited with saving a woman’s life after they prevented her from jumping from the Brooklyn Bridge, newly released video from the NYPD shows. Body camera video from the incident shows the woman had climbed the metal structure of the bridge and was standing on a beam about 15 feet above the roadway. An officer, now identified as Lt. Hak Kim, climbed the bridge, which was slippery from the rain, to get closer to the woman. “Please don’t do this, we’re going to help you out,” Kim can be heard saying. “Trust me…we got you.” By talking to the woman about his own family, Kim was able to convince her to share her name. Calling her by her name, he persuaded her to sit down where she was. The video then shows the woman climbing down a ladder attached to an NYPD truck.


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