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Jun 2020
6 Officers Hurt In LA, 533 Demonstrators Arrested When Protests Over George Floyd Death Turn Violent
CBS Los Angeles

At least six officers were hurt and 533 protesters were taken into custody in Los Angeles as demonstrations protesting the killing of George Floyd turned violent.

The protests Friday night led officers to declare an unlawful assembly and worked to have the crowd disperse. At least six officers were believed to have been injured. It remains unclear how many protesters, if any, were injured.

Images from Friday night showed protesters jumping across police cruisers, tossing feces and other objects at police, and breaking windows in the area. Looting then took place all night long from drugstores to Starbucks to jewelry stores and shoe stores.

Bill Navati, a business owner with a shoe store in the area, had his store looted and vandalized.

“I’ve been in downtown for more than 35 years and I’ve never seen such a thing. I’ve seen it during the riots, but not like that,” he said. “It’s bad. They looted everything, they looted everything. They broke all the windows and they took all the merchandise.”

Elsewhere, in Rancho Cucamonga, demonstrators marched and carried signs but law enforcement broke it up before it could get out of hand. That assembly was declared unlawful after protesters blocked the roadway. Overall, however, it remained largely peaceful.

Derek Chauvin was charged Friday with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in the death of Floyd.

Of those arrested, the LAPD says the charges include burglary, looting, probation violations, battery on a police officer, attempted murder and failure to disperse. All but 18 of the arrestees have released on their own recognizance.

Additional protests were expected for Saturday and through the weekend.



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