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Apr 2024
Daughter of US Veteran Murdered While Doing Yard Work Speaks Out Against Soft on Crime Policies


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Today, we bring you one story. One story that encapsulates so much of what we work for as law enforcement professionals and as a law enforcement union. Watch Fernanda Sandoval, whose father was killed by a stray bullet from an alleged gang shooting, speak with courage and conviction about how current policies and political leaders are failing crime victims. She does so from George Gascon’s press conference podium, with Gascon watching in the background.


“We are here today to be a voice for the voiceless,” Ms. Sandoval states. Let’s not forget that one of the most significant impacts of criminal justice “reform” is the diminishment of the importance of our victims who suffer through a lifetime of trauma and loss.

Please watch Ms. Sandoval’s remarks in their entirety. You will not see them on a newscast. 

5 charged in killing of 51-year-old Long Beach man shot while doing yard work at his home

Five men were charged Wednesday in connection with a suspected gang-related shooting in Long Beach that killed an Army veteran and father who was struck with an apparently stray bullet while doing yard work at his home. "Having them in custody means nothing if they do not receive the sentencing that they deserve," said Sandoval, who said she's relieved those responsible have been caught and hope the sacrifices her father made for the country and his loved ones weren't in vain.





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