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Jun 2011
DMV postponing vehicle renewal notices

The state Department of Motor Vehicles has postponed sending notices to owners of vehicles with annual license registration renewal dates in July and August.

State officials said they have been waiting to see what happens with the state budget, and in particular whether the state's vehicle license fees will remain the same or be reduced beginning July 1.

The fees had been scheduled to be lowered from 1.15 percent of current estimated vehicle value to 0.65. The governor and legislature, however, have been debating whether to extend the existing 1.15 percent level to help balance the state budget.

DMV spokesman Armando Botello said his agency will wait until July 1 before sending out notices for July and August renewals.

The DMV also has contacted law enforcement agencies statewide to inform them they are giving those drivers a 30-day grace period beyond their renewal date.

"Under present circumstances, where things are not settled, we're trying to make it as convenienet as possible for our customers," Botello said.



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