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May 2023
L.A. Council Approves Bass’ $13-Billion Budget, Greenlighting Plan To Hire 1,000 Cops
Law Enforcement News

L.A. Council Approves Bass’ $13-Billion Budget, Greenlighting Plan To Hire 1,000 Cops

The Los Angeles City Council signed off on Mayor Karen Bass’ plan for expanding the Police Department on Thursday, approving a budget that calls for the hiring of about 1,000 officers over the next fiscal year and record spending to fight homelessness. The council voted 13 to 1 for Bass’ $13.1-billion budget, despite warnings from critics that her plan for the LAPD — increasing the size of the force by 400 officers — is unrealistic and unnecessary. The department expects nearly 600 to resign or retire in the coming budget year, which starts July 1. Councilmember Eunisses Hernandez cast the lone opposing vote, saying she could not support a spending plan that provides $3.2 billion to the LAPD at a time when city agencies that repair sidewalks, provide programs for the city’s youth and give aid to its elderly populations are having to “fight over scraps.” “We are celebrating moving pennies around, while we put a quarter of our entire budget into just one department,” Hernandez said in an impassioned seven-minute speech. Councilmember Hugo Soto-Martínez, a close political ally of Hernandez, said the spending plan is “not perfect.” Still, he praised it as “the most progressive budget in the history of Los Angeles,” one that will provide expanded mental health teams, drug treatment facilities and a record $1.3 billion to combat homelessness.

Los Angeles Times

LAPD Chase Armed Motorcyclist Accused Of Waving A Gun Near Chaminade High School

The Los Angeles Police Department was in pursuit of a possibly armed suspect accused of brandishing a gun on his West Hills balcony. The incident started at about 5 p.m. when police received calls about an armed man near Chaminade College Preparatory High School. The school was out of session but a baseball practice was occurring at the time. It was canceled and players were evacuated. "We were in the middle of practice, and all we hear were just these sirens blaring," said witness Harrison Lucas-Tinter. "Cops come screeching in and they're like walking around. None of us had any clue of what was happening." According to police, the man suffers from a mental illness and has major depression. Officers were in the area trying to negotiate with him before he took off on a motorcycle. At some point, he pointed the firearm at police.


Los Angeles To Cover Expenses Of LAPD Volunteer Stung By Bees In Attack That Went Viral

The city of Los Angeles will cover the medical expenses of a Los Angeles Police Department volunteer who was stung by a swarm of bees in Encino earlier this week, according to the LAPD. Thousands of bees reportedly swarmed on the man Monday — in a scene that became a viral video this week— in the 17100 block of Adlon Road, near the Encino Reservoir, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department. Roads around the incident were closed and an apiologist — a professional bee remover — was called to the scene, officials said. The victim, a volunteer with the LAPD, was called to the scene to provide traffic control but was repeatedly stung as he approached a home in the area, according to the L.A. Police Department. In aerial video captured by KTLA-TV, the uniformed volunteer can be seen swatting at the bees as he tries to make his way to safety. He falls to the ground multiple times in the video and during one fall, he lands on his face in the street.

Los Angeles Times

Video Shows Amazon Driver Pilfer Check From Woodland Hills Family's Porch

While we've become used to the sight of porch pirates swiping packages on video, it's not usually your Amazon driver who does the actual swiping. A Woodland Hills family says an Amazon driver stole an envelope with a check inside from their porch after he made a delivery. He then deposited the check and withdrew cash from an ATM, according to the family. It was all caught on their doorbell video camera. The family says the check was left on the porch for an employee working for a family member to pick up. Video provided by the family shows the male driver on the porch first filling out some delivery information on his phone. He then kicks an envelope off the porch and kicks it again before picking it up off the ground and scurrying away down the driveway. They have reported the driver to Amazon and are still waiting for more information from the company before filling out a police report.


1 Stabbed, Hospitalized Near Busy West Hollywood Street; Suspect In Custody

One person was rushed to the hospital after being stabbed near a busy West Hollywood boulevard. According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, the stabbing happened just after 2 p.m. near 7100 W. Santa Monica Boulevard. Paramedics brought the victim to a local hospital in an unknown condition but was stabilized at the hospital. Deputies arrested the suspect about three hours after the attack. 


Campaign Launched Ahead Of 'Fast X' Premiere To Warn People Of Dangers Of Street Racing

Authorities in Southern California announced a safety campaign to combat illegal street racing and takeovers -- activities that have turned deadly on multiple occasions for participants and spectators. The campaign, in advance of the release of the latest "Fast and Furious" movie, was discussed at a Thursday morning news conference where authorities displayed wrecked vehicles, along with images of people whose deaths were related to the illegal activities. "Our freeways, railways and bridges have been shut down illegally, causing in some cases, folks not being able to make it to the emergency room, and in others just being flat-out late for work," said California Highway Patrol Deputy Commissioner Troy Lukkes. "These illegal and dangerous activities put people's lives at risk, damage public and private property, and in some cases even resulted in the death of innocent people," Lukkes said. Lukkes said that since 2015, incidents involving "speed and speed contests" have quadrupled around the state.

FOX 11

31 Arrested, Dozens Cited During San Bernardino DUI Crackdown

Officers arrested 31 drivers and cited dozens of others during a DUI crackdown in San Bernardino. On May 12, a DUI checkpoint was held on the 300 block of W. Baseline Street from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. During the operation, 26 people were arrested for operating a vehicle unlicensed or with a suspended/revoked license, four people were arrested for driving under the influence, 53 citations were issued and 22 vehicles were impounded. Officers contacted 584 vehicles during the DUI checkpoint operation. “DUI checkpoint locations are determined based on data showing incidents of impaired driving-related crashes,” said San Bernardino Police. “The primary purpose of DUI checkpoints is to promote public safety by taking suspected impaired drivers off the road.” Those charged with a first-time DUI face an average of $13,500 in fines and penalties, as well as a suspended license, police said.


Souther California Doctor Accused Of Trying To Kill Family Blames Tires For Devil's Slide Crash

The Southern California doctor accused of trying to kill his family in January by driving his Tesla off a cliff at Devil’s Slide in San Mateo County blamed the crash on tire problems, court documents revealed. Radiologist Dharmesh Patel, 41, of Pasadena, told investigators that he had experienced tire troubles on his 2021 Tesla Model Y that caused the crash on Jan. 2, according to documents from San Mateo County Superior Court. His wife, however, made repeated statements to authorities that he was depressed and tried to kill her, their two children and himself by plunging over the cliff, according to other court records. Patel said he was traveling from Belmont to Montara and had to stop at three gas stations along the way to put air in his left rear tire. He said the Tesla's sensor light signaled that there was low pressure in the tire. Patel told investigators that he was going the speed limit along Highway 1 when the vehicle started to "feel different," court documents read. Patel said he drove the car onto a "dirt path" along the highway to check the tire air pressure before the car went over the cliff. However, Patel's wife recounted a different story to authorities, court documents showed. 

FOX 11

Videos Show Pursuit Of Gunman In New Mexico Shooting That Injured 2 Officers, Killed 3

Videos released Thursday of this week’s deadly rampage in northwest New Mexico recorded a voice said to be the shooter urging police to “kill me” and officers rushing toward the 18-year-old gunman before fatally shooting him outside a church. “He is yelling on the Ring footage, ‘Come kill me,'" Farmington Police Chief Steve Hebbe said of Beau Wilson, the high school senior who authorities say killed three older women during the attack. “He’s making a stand, he has opportunities to run off, he does not use those opportunities,” Hebbe said. "So yes it’s my belief that ultimately in his head, he has made the decision that he is going to stand and fight it out until he is killed.” Three older woman were killed Monday by the shooter, including a mother and daughter who happened to be driving through the neighborhood. The victims were identified as longtime Farmington residents Gwendolyn Dean Schofield, 97, her 73-year-old daughter, Melody Ivie, and 79-year-old Shirley Voita. At least six other people were wounded in the shootings, which sent waves of grief rippling through the community of 50,000 people. They included a city police officer and a trooper with New Mexico State Police, who have been released from medical care as they recover.

Associated Press

Police Release Records Of Louisville Bank Shooting That Injured Rookie Officer

The man who killed five co-workers at a Kentucky bank last month had made plans for the shooting and placed his phone in a front shirt pocket to livestream the killings, according to police records recently released. The shooter, 25-year-old Connor Sturgeon, had also attempted suicide around the same time last year, according to four search warrants sent to tech and phone companies seeking access to information on his phone. Police also found a “manifesto or note” inside his Louisville residence, according to the search warrants, which were dated April 13 but were sealed by a judge for 30 days. Sturgeon’s parents have spoken publicly about their son’s mental health issues, and said they were helping him seek treatment. They told police that his “mental health disorders may have played a part during this criminal act,” according to one of the warrants. “Messages and notes from the device were shown to have plans on how to conduct” the shooting, a police investigator wrote in one of the warrants.

Associated Press

Michigan Trooper Makes Largest Fentanyl Bust During A Traffic Stop In State History

A trooper with the Michigan State Police made the largest fentanyl bust during a traffic stop in state history, and it was all caught on body-worn camera, WOODTV reports. Back in March, a trooper on the west side of the state noticed a vehicle driving erratically and crossing the center line multiple times. The car also had a black frame blocking the license plate. The trooper stopped the driver, identified as 25-year-old Brahajan Martinez-Garcia from Fresno County, California. After looking at his driver’s license, the body camera shows the trooper asking him to step out of the car. The trooper then took him inside her patrol vehicle due to the noisy highway. “Sorry, you’re not under arrest,” the trooper is heard telling Martinez-Garcia. “I can’t hear out there. It’s loud. I don’t want to have to yell.” “I’m a little nervous because never pulled over before, you know,” Martinez-Garcia told the trooper. The trooper then asked Martinez-Garcia if he had anything illegal in his car, to which he replied "Nothing." 


Public Safety News

Man Found Dead Inside 1 Of 3 Burning Vehicles In Los Feliz, LAFD Says

A man was found dead inside one of three vehicles that caught fire in the Los Feliz area Wednesday afternoon, investigators say. The fire was reported at 1:12 p.m. in the 2000 block of North Edgemont Street near Ambrose Avenue. The fire originated where those three vehicles were parked right outside a back building. The fire then spread to what appeared to be a detached garage. "It happened to be a garage with a living corridors on top of it - or a shop of some kind - which had three vehicles parked in front of in fire which extended to the structure itself and got in the attic," said an LAFD investigator at the scene. "So firefighters were able to start working on the structure, extinguish the vehicles and keep the fire confined." According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, as crews were extinguishing the flames, the remains of a man were found inside one of the vehicles. It was unclear if the man - who was described only as an older man - died in the fire or was dead before the fire.


Man Found Dead In Swimming Pool At Encino Home

The body of a man was pulled from a backyard swimming pool in Encino Thursday afternoon. Personnel with the Los Angeles Fire Department responded to calls of a water rescue in the 17100 block of West McCormick Street just after 3 p.m., authorities said in a news release. Sky5’s Gil Leyvas reported that first responders attempted life saving measures after getting the man out of the pool, but they were unable to resuscitate him. No details were provided on how the man ended up in the pool or if officials with the Los Angeles Police Department are investigating the death.  


Fire At Vacant Home In Boyle Heights Extinguished

A fire at a vacant residence where at least four previous fires had occurred was extinguished Friday in Boyle Heights. Firefighters were called at 1:51 a.m. to a two-story Craftsman style home at 436 Boyle Ave. west of South Slate Street and the Golden State (5) Freeway and encountered a well-involved fire with flames threatening three nearby structures, said Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Brian Humphrey. Fire crews were able to prevent fire damage to the nearby structures except one. It took 50 firefighters 36 minutes to put the fire out. No injuries were reported.


About the LAPPL: Formed in 1923, the Los Angeles Police Protective League (LAPPL) represents more than 9,200 dedicated and professional sworn members of the Los Angeles Police Department. The LAPPL serves to advance the interests of LAPD officers through legislative and legal advocacy, political action and education.

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