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Dec 2012
L.A. County supervisors question probation supervision after Northridge slayings

The L.A. County Probation Department will have to answer tough questions after a man supposed to be under its supervision allegedly killed four people in Northridge last week.

County Supervisors Michael Antonovich and Zev Yaroslavsky have filed a motion directing Chief Probation Officer Jerry Powers to report to them about the department's interactions with suspect Ka Pasasouk.

Powers is expected to testify to the Board of Supervisors in closed session today.

Pasasouk, who is being held on suspicion of murder, accused of shooting four people to death at a Northridge house on Dec. 2, was among 11,000 former state prison inmates placed under probation after serving their time.

If not for Gov. Jerry Brown's public safety realignment, also known as AB 109, Pasasouk would have been supervised by armed state parole agents and subjected to stricter monitoring.

Pasasouk has a long rap sheet but his last offense was nonserious, nonviolent and nonsexual, making him eligible to be placed under probation, and not parole, under AB 109.

Both supervisors demanded a review of his criminal history and his compliance with the conditions of his probation.

"AB 109 was supposed to shift "low level" offenders to counties; in reality, it shifts high and ultra-high risk offenders because it ignores the offender's prior criminal history, including serious and violent offenses, and only considers the last offense," the supervisors wrote in their motion.

The supervisors sought suggestions for proposed changes to the county's policies regarding AB 109 probationers, as well as legislative amendments.



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