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May 2019
LA Police Protective League Statement on Latest Disease Outbreak

Los Angeles, CA—Today, one LAPD sworn employee at the Central Division station has contracted salmonella typhi with a second Central Division employee displaying typhus-like symptoms. This is just the latest in officers and workplaces being impacted by outbreaks over the last two years which have included, Hepatitis A, MRSA, typhus and bed bugs among others. The LAPPL Board of Directors issued the following statement in response:

“At this point we don’t care who is at fault, we just want these toxic work sites cleaned and sanitized. Officers worry enough about being shot or injured policing the streets of Los Angeles, they shouldn’t also have to worry about being infected with diseases they can take home to their families simply by showing up to work. Our demand is simple; clean it up and provide preventive measures before there is a massive outbreak.”



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