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Jun 2023
League Gets Anti-Police Activist’s Account Locked

Dear Members,

Ever since LAPD OCPP Director Lizabeth Rhodes committed one of the worst security breaches on record by publicly releasing service photographs of undercover LAPD officers and officers in sensitive assignments, the League has monitored the public use of those ill-gotten records by the anti-police activists who seek only to threaten and do harm to law enforcement officers.

Recently, an anti-police activist, @FilmThePoliceLA, shared the private information of several officers. This is a violation of Twitter’s “Private information and media policy” which prohibits the posting of another person’s private information without their consent. The League filed a complaint with Twitter against @FilmThePoliceLA for violating the privacy policy.

You may recall that the League was also successful in getting Twitter to suspend the @killercops1984 account, which was offering bounties to anyone who killed an LA Police officer.

While we were successful in getting Twitter to enforce its rules on @FilmThePoliceLA’s account, requiring the removal of our officers’ private information, it is a temporary victory. This process requires constant vigilance. Once the account holder takes down the posts that violate Twitter’s rules, their privileges are restored, and they can resume activity. The League will continue to monitor this specific account and report any additional violations of Twitter’s rules, which could result in the more severe actions discussed above, including account suspension.

The League will also continue to monitor other accounts we are aware of and take action to remove our members’ personal information from being used to threaten, harm, or attempt to intimidate. However, we could use your help in protecting your fellow LAPD officers. If you see a post that is in violation of a social media platform’s policies, you can report that post or you can capture the post and send to any League Director for our review. While this may seem like a tedious process, it’s worth pursuing as the safety of all our members is the League’s highest priority.

­­The image below shows you how to report a rule-violating post on Twitter. There are similar processes for all the major social media platforms.



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