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Dec 2023

It’s not surprising that LA Times Staff Writer Libor Jany is at it again. When it comes to the LAPD, he's never one to consistently present an objective set of facts to allow readers the opportunity to form their own conclusions. Mr. Jany produced a biased, unbalanced, and inaccurate article that tried to divide our membership. He wrongly characterized my recent Blue Line article about what I, and many others, believe to be LAPD's lax grooming standards while in uniform as an attack on some of our members. That simply is not true.

For LAPPL members, let me be clear: I believe wholeheartedly in my fiduciary responsibility to ensure that your legal rights are protected, including those provided by the CROWN Act. My actions with regard to members who must engage in our discipline process have been to provide quality representation for those members, and as the chair of the League's legal committee I will proudly continue to do just that.

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