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Feb 2023
George Santos and Kenny Mejia: The Conman and The Controller

George Santos and Kenny Mejia
The Conman and The Controller

Los Angeles’s own version of disgraced New York Rep. George Santos is alive and well in our newly elected City Controller Kenny Mejia. Like Santos, Kenny reached office by purposefully misleading voters about his qualifications and covering up his sordid past. When it comes to Kenny, two and two don’t equal four. Mejia ran as the “…the only CPA in the race for L.A. City Controller”, yet his required state license was inactive or expired on-and-off for years and he only renewed it during the run-up to the controller’s race.

It is illegal to practice accounting as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) without a license, so what was Mejia doing all those years when he wasn’t a CPA? As recently as 2021, Mejia was unemployed and using his campaign funds to pay his friends to physically disrupt Mayoral debates. Stellar qualifications to be a fiscal watchdog.

Mejia hates cops; his cadre of staff and advisors hate cops; it’s no secret and it is easily confirmed with a cursory look at their hate-filled and vile social media posts. Now as the City Controller, Kenny wants to audit everything LAPD, including the use of helicopters. With all of the issues facing LA, helicopters, yes, helicopters will get a good looking into. What a relief!

Kenny’s team is also appearing at protests to “audit” the LAPD’s performance. That’s akin to a group of 5th graders auditing the societal impacts of quantum physics being taught at MIT. Kenny’s minions are randomly showing up at actual protests in action and asking on-duty officers to divert their attention from potential danger to answer questions. Brilliant.

We are unaware of anyone from Kenny’s office being briefed on the policies, procedures, protocols, and training officers must follow as it relates to safeguarding public protest and the surrounding property. What is the baseline of information Kenny is using to actually compare and contrast with what is being observed. Further, what are the audit goals and objectives and what training have any of Kenny’s observers been through to qualify them for this work or to keep themselves safe? What metrics are they using to determine the proper and safe management of mass protests or civil unrest? Your guess is as good as ours.

This is nothing more than Kenny’s latest stunt to garner attention for himself. No different than when he tweeted that President Joe Biden is “a rapist & racist” or when Kenny defended Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad against charges that he gassed his own people as reported by
Los Angeles Magazine. And just like the Conman Rep. George Santos, Kenny has done his best to scrub his sordid past by deleting those inconvenient tweets.

Cue the circus music. Kenny Mejia is LA’s Controller and the only thing missing are his red nose and clown shoes.

Los Angeles Police Protective League
Board of Directors

Los Angeles Police Command Officers Association
Board of Directors



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