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Feb 2011
It’s kickoff time for AEG’s downtown pro football stadium
LAPPL Board of Directors

Like most of our fellow Angelenos, we’ve been sitting on the sidelines over the years watching and listening to proposals for developing a world-class football stadium and bringing an NFL franchise back to Los Angeles.

And now, we’ve finally seen a plan that we can enthusiastically support and urge City leaders to make happen. We’re getting behind AEG’s bold plan to build a 64,000-seat retractable-roof stadium (expandable to 78,000 for NFL Super Bowls and NCAA Final Fours) that would complete the 15-acre campus that already includes the Staples Center, Nokia Theater and L.A. Live.

AEG proposes to pick up the stadium complex’s $1.5 billion cost – a laudable investment in Los Angeles that’s especially welcome because it requires no investment of public money. To get the ball rolling on this exciting project, LAPPL favors the issuance of $350 million in municipal bonds, which would fund construction of a new wing of the L.A. Convention Center (increasing its size by 90,000 square feet) and demolition of the old West Hall.

The complex would give the city a downtown area second-to-none in the world and generate economic benefits for the entire region. L.A. would also finally be in a position to compete for every convention, entertainment and sporting event in the world, including Super Bowls, Final Fours, World Cups and the Olympic Games.

We’ve seen the positive impacts of the Staples Center and L.A. Live: more jobs, greater tax revenues and reduced crime in the downtown district. The overall development is a magnet attracting people to the once overlooked downtown. For all these reasons, to City leaders we say: Build on the momentum and make the downtown stadium a reality.

What do you think? Is it kickoff time for an L.A. pro football stadium?



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