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Sep 2018
LAPD Officer Shot at Point Blank Range and Not a PEEP from ACLU, BLM or Assemblymember Weber

Harrowing video of an LAPD police officer being shot at point-blank range was released this week and nary a word from the ACLU, AB 931 sponsor Assemblymember Weber or any of the anti-cop fringe groups who blather on in front of the Los Angeles Police Commission on any given Tuesday. These folks are more interested in pointing fingers at police officers for doing their job than looking in the mirror and doing some self-reflection about the debilitating impacts their policy proposals have on neighborhood, officer and public safety.

The practical reality of the ACLU pro-criminal agenda, championed by State Assemblymember Weber, other anti-police elected officials and fringe groups, is to put police officers in coffins or prison for doing their job. The LAPPL will continue to fight against these entities and the dangerous ideas they espouse. We will utilize facts and data to combat fiction, we will use science to defeat myths, and we will call out liars, deceit and falsehoods to protect you and the law enforcement profession.

The Los Angeles police officers in this video of a shootout with a convicted felon/known gang member would be dead if the officers had to run through the ACLU/Weber checklist of every conceivable alternative to stopping the immediate threat posed by this cold-blooded criminal. This video reinforces that a split-second is all these officers had, and it is all many officers have to react to deadly situations.

The author, sponsors and co-sponsors of AB 931 are more interested in coddling criminals than protecting police officers; they want to criminalize the split-second decisions officers must make to save their own lives, the lives of their partners or to protect the public. The madness will continue in Sacramento as soon as the legislature is back in session, and we will be calling upon you to help us cut through the lies and tell your honorable story of what it is actually like to police the dangerous streets of Los Angeles.

By the way, the female LAPD officer who was shot is recovering from the bullet that shattered her femur and the subsequent surgery to put a metal rod in her leg, just in case the ACLU, Black Lives Matter and Assemblymember Weber were interested.



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