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Jan 2011
The loss of Bill Eaton

It's with heavy hearts that we grieve the loss of Captain Bill Eaton, who recently passed away after a grueling battle with cancer.

Over his near 22-year career in LAPD, Captain Eaton was respected for his talents, ethics and leadership. He was a mentor and friend to many within the Department and the community. With the many successes over his career, he was never more proud than he was as a father to his two boys.

Bill never let his rank affect him as a person. Whether he was a P III in Newton or the Captain III in Van Nuys, he treated people with respect and dignity and kept a fair and open mind. Never was he too proud to call and seek advice before making decisions, because while he was firm when he needed to be, he never acted with an intent to maliciously slight or disparage anyone.

The Board of Directors, attorneys and staff of the League extend our condolences, thoughts and prayers to his children, family, loved ones and friends, all who will clearly mourn a substantial loss in the passing of Captain Eaton.



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