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Apr 2012
Thank you, Commissioner Skobin

To say that Los Angeles Police Commissioner Alan J. Skobin will be missed is an understatement. As many of you may know, the longtime commissioner has been nominated by the mayor to serve as a fire commissioner. And since police commissioners are limited by the Los Angeles City Charter to two five-year terms, the police department’s loss will clearly be the fire department’s gain.

Mr. Skobin was first appointed to the Police Commission in 2003, and was elected Vice President of the Board of Police Commissioners immediately upon his appointment. The mayor appointed him to a second five-year term in 2008. His department liaison and committee assignments have included Use of Force, Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence, Training, Budget, Transportation and Traffic, the Police Reserve Program, and Valley Bureau and Operations. He currently serves as chair of the Oversight Committee for the Office of Public Safety, City of Los Angeles Department of General Services.

What makes Commissioner Skobin a truly invaluable public safety advocate is his firsthand knowledge of law enforcement and his willingness to share it with his fellow commissioners. He has served as a reserve deputy sheriff with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department for more than 30 years and currently holds the rank of reserve chief. He’s experienced in patrol, detectives and administration. Before joining the sheriff’s department, he served as a reserve police officer with the San Fernando PD for nearly eight years, attaining the rank of sergeant.

Commissioner Skobin has either initiated or taken a leadership role in many important projects and programs, many of which have directly affected the lives of our members. He was the driving force behind the creation of the LAPD Purple Heart Award, which recognizes the sacrifice of officers who were either seriously injured or slain while serving the public. Commissioner Skobin successfully developed the program to replace outdated and unsafe radios with updated equipment; he implemented a new program to manage and prevent officer-involved traffic collisions; and many more programs, projects and activities for the betterment and safety of LAPD employees and the public they serve.

With a record of community and civic service that spans more than 40 years, Commissioner Skobin’s efforts have made a significant positive impact throughout many communities. His achievements have been recognized with commendations and awards from virtually every level of government, including city, county, state and federal officials.

On behalf of the League’s members, the Board of Directors offers its sincere gratitude to Mr. Skobin for his dedicated service and unwavering support of LAPD officers. We invite everyone, especially the rank and file, to come and thank Alan for his service when the Police Commission formally recognizes him for his nine years of service to the LAPD on Tuesday, April 24th at the Police Commission meeting and a reception beginning at 0830.

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