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Sep 2015
Time is running out to stop parole of two cop killers
LAPPL Board of Directors

A strong precedent needs to be set for those who murder peace officers and create an imbalance in our society. The recent alarming attacks on law enforcement officers nationwide are a prime example of what happens when the consequences for murdering a peace officer slowly begin to fade away.

On Tuesday, August 4, Voltaire Williams CDC# E17796, just a year after being denied parole again, has been considered for parole by the CDCR, after his conviction in the murder of LAPD Detective Thomas Williams, according to Luis Patino, a state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation spokesman.

On Friday, August 28, Jesus Cecena CDR# C08487, also just a year after being denied parole by Governor Brown, has been considered for parole by a state parole board, after his conviction in the murder of SDPD Officer Archie Buggs. Cecena had been denied parole 13 times before.

The Los Angeles Police Protective League (LAPPL), which represents the almost 10,000 rank-and-file officers of the LAPD, vehemently opposes the release of murderers Williams and Cecena.

We implore Governor Brown to reverse any decision by the parole board to free Williams and Cecena and keep these brutal killers behind bars for the public good.

Please help us and send the message that the killing of a law enforcement officer is the ultimate violation of public safety and should result in the forfeiture of the assailant’s freedom for life. Public safety must come first!

On behalf of the almost 10,000 LAPD officers who protect and serve Los Angeles, the LAPPL has already sent in letters for both Williams and Cecena to Governor Brown, but it’s going to take more people speaking up to keep these cop killers out of our communities.

Time is of the essense so if you haven’t already, please take a minute to call the governor’s office at (916) 445-2841 or email the governor at You can also write to him at:

Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.
Attention: LEGAL
State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, California 95814
Voltaire Williams CDC No. E17796 and Jesus Cecena CDR No. C08487*
(*If you choose to email the governor, please include this identifying information.)

We only have limited time to convince the governor to reverse these travesties of justice, so please call and send your emails or letters soon. Thank you for helping us keep public safety first.

SDPD Officer Archie Buggs

SDPD Officer Archie Buggs

LAPD Det. Thomas Williams

LAPD Det. Thomas Williams

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