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Tom Saggau

Co-founder, Saggau & DeRollo, LLC

Tom Saggau is a co-founding member of Saggau & DeRollo, LLC, a full-service media communication, government advocacy and political strategy firm representing several clients including the Los Angeles Police Protective League, San Jose Police Officers’ Association and the Santa Clara County Government Attorneys’ Association. One newspaper columnist described hiring Saggau & DeRollo in this manner: “It’s a little like a struggling pro football team going out and hiring a couple of free-agent linebackers on short-term contracts to bolster a fading defense. As a bonus, the linebackers talk to the media.”

At the forefront of preserving police officer’s pensions, fighting for just compensation, protecting the law enforcement brand and taking the offensive against anti-cop fringe groups, Saggau & DeRollo has a proven track-record of winning for those we represent. Tom aligns unforgiving fact-based messaging to assist his clients achieve their legislative and administrative goals, one Bay Area political columnist described his work in this manner: “The labor lobbyist and his business partner, Dustin DeRollo, bring a formidable set of skills to the fight: Saggau is superb with media, skilled at using public records, ready with a pithy quote and savvy about how to repeat a charge, even a dubious charge.”

Tom is married to his wife, Melissa, and they have two children ages 15 and 13 years old.

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