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LA police rep warns of crime increase after budget cuts: This is a 'recipe for disaster'

Los Angeles Police Protective League vice president Sgt. Jerretta Sandoz responds to West Hollywood cutting sheriff's department funding, warns the city is 'totally out of control.'

LAPD Metro Officers Rescue Children from Fiery Crash

Every day LAPD officers perform acts of heroism, both small and large. A few weeks ago, Metro Division Officers Cody MacArthur and Nicolas Chacon were driving home from a 14-hour shift when they witnessed a horrific traffic accident. ⁠

LAPPL Discusses Impact of Gascon's Policies on Murder of 2 Police Officers

Watch: LAPPL Director Jamie McBride discusses on NewsNation how Gascon's policies allowed a convicted felon to be let out of custody when he killed two El Monte police officers.

LAPPL Director Jamie McBride Discusses LA Sheriff's Proposal to Assist With Hollywood Homeless
Crime is Everywhere
CBS 2: Police Commission Significantly Curtails Pre text Car Stop Police

The union that represents Los Angeles police, said that the changes will hinder public safety.

“We want to come up with ways to reduce biases and we want reform, but we want it to be fair for our officers and we want it to actually work,” said Los Angeles Police Protective League director Joe Massie. He claims that a large number of illegal guns are seized during traffic and pedestrian stops. According to the LAPPL, in 2021 the Newton Divison of LAPD recovered 817 firearms during 726 incidents. Of those incidents 699 arrests were made, 507 of which came after traffic stops.

“This is going to leave those guns — leave those bad drivers on the road and it’s going to hurt people of all communities regardless of your skin color,” said Massie.

Tell the Truth Commissioner Briggs
John & Ken: Lally on Caruso Endorsement

LAPPL President Craig Lally joins the John & Ken show to discuss the endorsement of LA Mayoral candidate Rick Caruso.

LAPPL's Jamie McBride on the Dolon report

LAPPL's Jamie McBride discusses safety for the Super Bowl and overall crime in Los Angeles.

ACLU's Policies Promote Smash & Grab Robberies
CBS 2 Bluestone

“The old saying says where there’s smoke, there’s fire and I think these emails show there’s fire,” said Robert Rico, counsel for the LAPPL.

The lawsuit alleges that LA Pension Commissioner Pedram Salimpour’s company, Bluestone, was given a no-bid $3 million contract to conduct COVID testing following lobbying efforts by Salimpour.

LAPPL President Craig Lally Discusses Murder of Young Boy in Wilmington & LA Rise in Crime on KFI
LAPPL Discusses Crime Wave's Impact on Safety

LAPPL Director Jamie McBride discusses the recent surge in violent robberies and its impact on public safety in LA with Ch 2/KCAL 9.

LAPD Budget Increase Before Commission
L.A. police union calls for investigation into city’s COVID-19 testing contract
John & Ken KFI More City Hall Corruption? $3M No Bid Covid Contract and a City Commissioner…

LAPPL Director Jamie McBride joins the John & Ken Show on KFI 640 AM to disclose the details of the $3 million, no bid, pay-to-play contract with a sitting City Commissioner for COVID-19 testing for City employees.

State Senator Kamlager should stop spreading lies about police officers and social workers.

State Senator Kamlager should stop spreading lies about police officers and social workers.

Another Violent Robbery

When does a criminal crew try to rob someone at gunpoint during the middle of the day? When they don't fear prosecution. When your DA says no gun enhancements. Shootings, murders, robberies during the middle of the day are now the norm.

When Criminals Have No Fear

This is what it looks like when criminals don't fear punishment. Over-the-top, broad daylight grabs of mounds of merchandise. This is Gascon's world. Where felonies are misdemeanors, misdemeanors are pled down, and repeat offenders get infinite do-overs.

SB2--It's Biased & Unfair

SB 2 Is a biased and unfair approach to police officer certification. For more info go to:

LAPPL's Craig Lally Discusses LeBron James & Chauvin Trial with Larry O'Connor
Wives of LAPD

It’s the most challenging time in decades to be a police officer. We could not do it without strong support and love at home. Our families carry the burden of our profession as well. These amazing women, Wives of Los Angeles Police Officers, are addressing those issues head-on using a positive approach to be a voice for officers and our families. We appreciate their work!

Know Your SLO: Harbor Division's Nick Ferara

Know your SLO: Ride along with Harbor Division’s Senior Lead Officer Nick Ferara to learn what drives him to build stronger relationships with the residents he serves.

47 Hours in L.A.

Over 47 hours in L.A. 18 people were shot, 4 of them murdered. All of them were either Black or Hispanic. The youngest was 19. Send a clear message to the Police Commission that it's time to end the violence in our city by going to:

Police, residents plead for ceasefire in South L.A.

Police, residents plead for a ceasefire after South LA sees 59 shooting victims in 1st 2 weeks of 2021.

Families of Murdered Officers Speak Out Against Gascon Policies

Last week, DA Gascon attempted to remove "enhanced" sentences for the accused murderers of three law enforcement officers. Their families speak out against Gascon's ploy to take away tougher sentencing for cop killers.

Where's the Outrage, L.A.?
Craig Lally on the Larry O'Connor Show
Director Rob Harris' Interview Regarding LAPD Station Conditions
Dr. Drew and LAPPL Discuss LA Drug Epidemic
Undercover Operation Symposium Teaser 2
Undercover Operations Symposium
Director Steve Gordon's interview regarding the MRSA outbreak
ACLU's demand to remove Metro from South L.A. a dangerous tactic
Director Rob Harris' interview discussing why AB 392 is the wrong for officers' use of force

Listen in as LAPPL Director Robert Harris discusses with Dr. Drew and Leeann Tweeden on how to make interactions between police officers and the community safer, and why AB 392 is the wrong solution to address this issue.

Why Police Are Not the Answer to Every Challenge on America's Streets
Alternative Dispute Resolution Presentation
LAPPL Behind the Badge - Police Officer II Deon Joseph
LAPPL Behind the Badge - Police Officer II+II Bryce Verna
LAPD K-9: Not all heroes wear uniforms
The first and only female LAPD SWAT officer
LAPPL Vice President Jerretta Sandoz discussing key attributes for the next Chief of Police
Director Lou Turriaga discusses Prop 64

Should Prop 64, which legalized recreational pot, be used retroactively to reduce/expunge prior convictions? LAPPL Director Lou Turriaga shares the League's position.

FOX 11 MTA interview

LAPPL Director Jerretta Sandoz reaffirms the League's support for the officer involved in the Metro Los Angeles incident.

FOX 11 News In Depth: Search for a new LAPD Chief

LAPPL Director Rob Harris tells FOXLA what the League is looking for in the next LAPD Chief of Police.

LAPPL wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

From every corner of our city, LAPD and the LAPPL wishes you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. (P.S. Watch to the end for a blooper reel.)

LAPD officers bring "Blue Christmas" to deserving South LA family
Dodgers Challenge - Houston POU Food Delivery
LA Police Protective League vs Houston POU - World Series Challenge
Measure C Victory
Patrol Minimums
Purpose of Political Action Committee
LAPPL Press Conference Regarding Dangerously Low Police Staffing Levels
LAPPL Press Conference - Lou Turriaga requests a Public Safety Committee Hearing
Union representing LAPD links crime surge to Chief Beck's failed policies - Story KTTV
Craig Lally Interview on KABC McIntyre In The Morning

Jerretta Sandoz interview on KABC 790 on 11/18/15 - RE: Preservation of Life award

LAPPL’s 2015 Distinguished Service Awards
The Los Angeles Police Protective League's 1st Annual Distinguished Service Awards
Body Camera - Craig Lally interview with KABC Radio 9-1-15

KTLA 5 News at 6
KABC LA Eyewitness News 5PM
KTLA 5 News at 1
KFI-AM Los Angeles - Part 1 - Craig Lally Interview

KFI-AM Los Angeles - Part 2 - Craig Lally Interview

KNX-AM 1070 Radio Los Angeles

KNX-AM 1070 NewsRadio - Lally Interview

KABC-AM Radio Interview - Re Ezell Ford - Part 1a

KABC-AM Radio Interview - Re Ezell Ford - Part 1b

KABC-AM Radio Interview - Re Ezell Ford - Part 2

KABC-AM Radio Interview - Re Ezell Ford - Part 3

Commission's decision on Ezell Ford KCAL 9 Los Angeles
Commission's decision on Ezell Ford NBC 4
Commission's decision on Ezell Ford NBC4
Commission's decision on Ezell Ford NBC4 News
Commission's decision on Ezell Ford NBC 4
Commission's decision on Ezell Ford KTTV LA
Commission's decision on Ezell Ford KTLA
Commission's decision on Ezell Ford KABC 7
Commission's decision on Ezell Ford KABC
Commission's decision on Ezell Ford FOX 11 Ten O'clock
Commission's decision on Ezell Ford FOX 11
Commission's decision on Ezell Ford CBS 2
Commission's decision on Ezell Ford ABC 7
Commission's Decision on Ezell Ford ABC7
KFI-AM - Re Ezell Ford

KABC-AM - June 10, 2015

KPCC-FM - Re Ezell Ford

KNX-AM 1070 - Re Ezell Ford

MIM - 790-KABC - 5-8-15 - Craig Lally Interview

We Are There!
Tyler Izen - 790 KABC - 12-23-14

790 KABC - 12-18-14 - Tyler Izen Interview

KFI AM 640 - Tyler Izen Interview 9-15-14

Tyler Izen - KPCC Interview - AirTalk with Larry Mantle - 9/12/14

KNX 1070 Tyler Izen Interview on the Ezell Ford Incident

Tyler Izen on Front Page with Dominique DiPrima on KJLH-FM -- LAPD union contract dispute 8/1/14
790 KABC - 7-30-14 - Tyler Izen interview - McIntyre In The Morning

Do LAPD Officers Deserve a Raise? - KCRW Interview with Tyler Izen and Charlie Beck

Tyler Izen on NBC4 News Conference with Conan Nolan
KNX Police Aircheck - TRT 3:52 - 7/17/14

Tyler Izen on Hutchinson Report - TRT 25:27

Tell City Hall LAPD Counts by LAPPL
MIM - Tyler Izen on 790 KABC - 7/16/14

Video of LAPPL Directors at Police Commission Meeting 7-15-2014
Tyler Izen - MOU 2014
LAPPL President, Tyler Izen, addresses tentative MOU agreement
790 KABC Radio - 1-29-14 - Tyler Izen - Prison Realignment [TRT 5:11]

MIM - 790 KABC - 12-20-13 - Tyler Izen - Special Order 7

Tyler Izen on 790 KABC - 12-06-13 - Fewer qualified LAPD recruits

Tyler Izen on 790KABC - 6-28-13 - Officers in danger

Tyler on KFI comments on live chases 1

Tyler on KFI comments on live chases 2

Tyler on KFI comments on live chases 3

President of LAPPL on KABC Radio - 1/18/12

If You Don’t Have a License, Who Gets the Car?

The City of Los Angeles impounds the cars of unlicensed drivers for up to 30 days, which costs an average of $2000. Mayor Villaraigosa and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck want to end that practice—but the police rank and file say that would endanger public safety. As we’ll hear, it’s all about the lives--and livelihoods--of illegal immigrants, who aren’t allowed to get licenses in the first place.

Police Protective League rejects new impound policy

In a policy reversal, the LAPD has decided to no longer immediately seize vehicles of unlicensed drivers, including undocumented immigrants, when they are stopped at sobriety checkpoints, but the Police Protective League is not on board. Calling it “the right thing to do” Chief Beck announced that officers will give what he calls “reasonable time” to unlicensed illegal immigrants to find someone else to drive their car home. The police union argues that his new policy violates current vehicle code, threatens the safety of drivers and could even expose LA city to legal liabilities. So what is the right thing to do? Who gets the final word and what happens next?

Debating Measure L - As in how should our L-ibraries be funded? - 89.3 KPCC

LAPD: Time For Overtime?

Stop hiring new officers and give the current ones overtime pay. That's the position of the Los Angeles Police Protective League. President Paul Weber joins Fred Roggin to discuss whether overtime pay in lieu of new officers fulfills the department's duty to protect and to serve.

Kristi Sandoval interview on KFI Radio

National News extended interview with Paul Weber

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Giving Victims a Voice

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Paul Weber Interview on KFI Radio - 7/16/10 (MP3 Audio)

CBS news regarding prisoner release

Pat Morrison Show RE: Prisoner Release w/Paul M. Weber and Chief Bratton

Helmet Debate

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Tim Sands radio ad

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18 People Arrested in Lakers Melees

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