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Oct 2016
We need your help to prevent a cop killer from walking free. Twice in two years, Voltaire Williams CDC# E17796, the convicted murderer of LAPD Detective Thomas Williams, has been up for parole. Both times, after organized efforts by the...
Oct 2016
This November you have an opportunity to prevent another public safety disaster. You can vote NO on Proposition 57. Proposition 57 falsely claims it will improve public safety. That’s simply untrue. Proposition 57 will allow violent...
Sep 2016
Run away. If a police officer is confronted by a suspect with a weapon, those entrusted to set policies for the Police Department believe officers should run away. That’s the recent finding from the Los Angeles Police Commission which has...
Aug 2016
LAPPL Directors and Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate Mitchell Schwartz (center) Today, the Los Angeles Police Protective League Board of Directors met with Mayoral Candidate Mitchell Schwartz to listen to his ideas about reducing crime,...

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