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Jun 2009
The League this month conducted its own survey as part of our Public Safety First campaign. Launched June 6, the campaign began with an initial email sent to 400,000 registered voters. Voters who responded to our first email were invited...
Jun 2009
If you haven’t already done so, please go to the League’s website and sign the online petition supporting full funding of LAPD to protect our salaries, benefits and pensions. Thousands of residents have already responded to our petition...
Jun 2009
The League’s political savvy and clout got put to a test this week when the Lakers won their 15th NBA championship. Your board became concerned when we heard talk at City Hall that the city foot the bill for city services relating to a...
Jun 2009
Automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents and officers being struck by other vehicles all represent significant dangers for peace officers. In 2007, a record 83 law enforcement officers across the country lost their lives in traffic-...

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