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Jul 2009
One of the bills pending in Sacramento to address the state’s $24 billion budget deficit begs close attention by those of us in law enforcement and public safety. ABX3 10, which would reduce the amount of general fund money directed...
Jul 2009
As our nation prepares to celebrate our 233rd Independence Day, we pause to reflect on the origin of the holiday, and the liberty that it symbolizes. It is also a time to express our gratitude to the generations of courageous Americans...
Jul 2009
The LAPPL is relieved at the outcome of the recent Board of Rights hearings, and that no officers will be unjustly fired for their actions at the May Day 2007 MacArthur Park gathering. In the wake of the May Day events, we immediately said...
Jun 2009
Gov. Schwarzenegger got an interesting offer Monday from Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm. But the California budget crisis may stand in the way of accepting it. Granholm formally offered space in empty Michigan prisons to house some of...

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