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Jul 2009
When Sgt. Crowley of the Cambridge Police Department responded to the broadcast of a “possible break-in in progress,” I’m sure he was simply trying to do his job – protect and serve his community, as all of us in law enforcement sign up to...
Jul 2009
Donning and doffing cases are one of the hottest topics between public agenciesand public safety labor organizations. In law enforcement, donning refers to thetime it takes a police officer to put on his uniform and safety equipment....
Jul 2009
For the past 2 ½ months, the League has been warning of the dire consequences of early releases of inmates from state prisons. There have been multiple membership alerts, press releases and other communications. We have implored lawmakers...
Jul 2009
The substantial benefits of a robust police department can be clearly seen in the mid-year crime statistics released today. Violent crime in L.A. is down nearly 6 percent so far in 2009, led by a reduction in the total number of killings...

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