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Feb 2020
Homelessness Skyrockets Since Prop 47 Gascon Campaign Admits System Not Working Los Angeles—The negative impacts of George Gascon’s Proposition 47 are so obvious, his own campaign spokesflak told a Los Angeles media outlet that right now...
Aug 2019
Los Angeles—Multiple suspects were arrested today in connection with the murder of Los Angeles Police Officer Juan Diaz. The Los Angeles Police Protective League issued this statement in response: "We are grateful that the cowards and...
May 2019
Los Angeles, CA—Today, one LAPD sworn employee at the Central Division station has contracted salmonella typhi with a second Central Division employee displaying typhus-like symptoms. This is just the latest in officers and workplaces...
Mar 2019
Los Angeles, CA—Today, Sacramento District Attorney Anne Schubert announced she would not file charges in the officer-involved shooting of Stephon Clark. The LAPPL Board of Directors issued the following statement regarding Schubert's...

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